body makeover

Insanity y’all

Back on Insanity. Started it 11 days ago…didn’t want to post until I had actually completed a week. This time I’m not following the schedule strictly - I’m doing the month 1 workouts, as well as throwing in the recovery week workout. More variety, and means less repitition. So far I’m doing well on it, and I can already see a difference in my arms and legs. Really trying to work on my eating as well, especially in the evenings and the afternoons at work as that tends to be when I eat biscuits or drink wine. I’ve not had alcohol so far, and am working on cutting out sugar…not perfectly, but have managed to reduce it significantly. Hoping to do month 1, and then see how I look and then adjust.
So excited to look and feel better!


Watching Black Swan and eating a grapefruit. It’s snowing again…is summer ever going to happen again? I feel like I’m never going to be wearing less than four layers…makes it really hard to motivate myself to workout, but here we go. May change it up and do Tracy Andersons Mat workout. I would do insanity, but, meh.

stress, mess, regrets

This last week has been frantic. I was a slave to Jillian’s making the cut diet, and ate clean for about 6 days. Then I just reached a point where I wanted pizza hut, and got pizza hut. I was so low in energy, sleeping badly…craving chocolate. I was a mess.

So I stopped the diet.

I took a four day break from Insanity. (I figure, it’s meant to be ‘recovery week’ anyway…just don’t tell shaun t.)

During the weekend I blitzed the house. Decluttered loads of junk and cleared some space.

I bought new underwear in neon colours. I wear too much black.

I bought a pair of (black) heels for work. I decided I wear heels for work now.

Despite a four day break and a massive chocolate cake over the weekend, I looked thin today.

Just worked out with Shaun T, Cardio Recovery and I feel GREAT for all the stretching. My upper body is so much stronger.

Tonight I’m working on drinking a lot of water. Going to put a face mask on, pack my lunch for tomorrow and generally just try to chill out and look after myself as work is pretty stressful at the moment.

Making the Cut - day 2

2 weetabix with soy milk
scoop protein, banana, probiotic yoghurt, handful frozen berries. blended.
salad (tomato, radishes, lettuce, spring onion, cucumber) with homemade broad bean hummous and balsamic vinegar.
half a red grapefruit.
apple with tablespoon peanut butter.
low fat turkey korma with brown rice.
low fat yoghurt.

The food looks like a lot when I write it out here, but I was hungry ALL DAY. Think I’m just a gobble-guts when it comes to food.

Insanity Pure Cardio. Was totally not feeling this, and may have half assed it a bit. At least I did it!

Hoping I get used to the lower calories over the next few days, or this is going to be a hard week.

Weight: 115lbs.

Making the Cut

So my sister bought Jillian’s book. I’m still really enjoying the Insanity workouts and am going to finish the program….but the eating plan is not working for me. Too much protein, too many small meals - I don’t like the food, it doesn’t fit into my schedule and as a result I’m not sticking to it. I know I’m making progress with Insanity, but all the bad food is sabotaging my results. Decided this week I’m going to be following Jillians’s ‘Making the Cut’ diet (for slow oxidisers) and see if that gives me a kickstart into eating better. I planned out my meals this morning (with some substititions for fish which I don’t eat, and also for other ingredients I couldn’t find - like avocados) and went shopping. My fridge is full of lean meat, fruit, vegetables and low fat dairy.

Start weight is 116.
My ‘Day 1’ was yesterday, and this is what I ate:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with pork mince, spinach and okra.
Lunch: lean burger with ham, half bun and green salad.
Snack: cup air popped popcorn, plain
Dinner: 2 small lamb chops, edamame beans, soy and lemon noodles

I din’t have a great start yesterday as I was really ill as a side effect of my migraine meds, and ended up throwing up my lunch and most of breakfast. I didn’t work out due to this either. Feeling a lot better today and ready to give it 100%.

Insanity Update

Ok, so I’ve been AWOL on this blog, but not with my workouts! I have two more workouts to go, and then I’ve finished month one of Insanity. So proud of myself! Today I have to do Pure Cardio - can not wait to do it for the last time. I’m ready for the new workouts….even though I’m sure they’re gonna be awful.

Progress pictures are coming soon! Going to take some today as I’m sooo pleased with my results.


So my husband and I are doing Insanity. I have this week off work and decided to dedicate it to getting fit again. I’m so happy that I’m finally well enough to work out. I really appreciate having a healthy, able body after being ill for so long. I don’t think I’ll ever take that for granted again. Having to motivate yourself to workout is a privilege because it means you have a choice. Knowing that my body can do it if I want it to is amazing. I was super excited to start insanity, I can’t wait to be fit again.

Friday we did the fit test. My results were unimpressive.
Saturday - cardio workout 1. I wanted to quit after about 5 minutes. This was such a shock to my system after months of being sedentary. Afterwards though, I had such a feeling of accomplishment! It was fun to do it with my husband as well.
Sunday - cardio workout 2. I was sooooo sore from the previous day, I could hardly walk. But I started off really slowly and eased into it and once my muscles were warm (my calf muscles were so painful!) I was able to get into it.
Monday - cardio recovery. This was difficult as my balance is really weak, and so is my upper body so holding the poses was hard and any kind of plank or pushup was pretty much a fail. I felt great though as I really needed the stretches as I was still sore.
Tuesday - pure cardio. I’m finally feeling a little less sore, although my calves are still very tight, but planning on doing it this afternoon.

Really going to try and work on eating better. I’ve been SO hungry on this program that I’ve been eating everything in sight, healthy and unhealthy. Got to get that in line.